Your Computer Security Checklist

Your Computer Security Checklist

Always technique safe browsing! Here is a computer list to help keep you safe online. Print it out as well as stick it on the wall beside your computer. To start with, I assume you have an anti-virus program, a firewall and 2 anti-spyware programs, a minimum of.

Why 2 anti-spyware applications? Typically one program will discover what the other misses out on. You ought to likewise have a filter/blocker program, that maintains this stuff out of your computer in the first place.


  • As soon as you activate your computer for the day, as well as before you begin surfing the Internet, upgrade your anti-virus program, or examine that it updates itself instantly.
  • When you have finished searching for the day, or after installing brand-new software application, run among your anti-spyware programs. The following day, run the other one. Alternate them, to catch all possible malware.
  • Very carefully and also completely read every End Customer License Contract (EULA). If you see something like “The vendor/publisher may mount 3rd party software” hit the remove switch (difficult!) or cancel the download. Or a minimum of run all your security checks after installation.


  • As soon as a week, upgrade your anti-spyware programs, along with Windows. If you have kids who surf the Web and play games online, do it more frequently.
  • Expect updates to your firewall software and also HOLDS file. These are seldom, so examine your email, or check in the programs to see if they are up to date.
  • Get a customized HOSTS documents. Go to your favored search engine to locate one. Make the effort to check out as well as understand what it is as well as does. If you have actually never ever made use of one previously, it might seem made complex at first. It actually is not.

Viruses have obtained so innovative lately that they can use the HOSTS file to prevent your anti-virus software from updating itself. To prevent this, about when a month you should open your HOSTS file, and also examine to make certain your anti-virus program is NOT listed there.

If it is, your computer might be contaminated with an infection. Delete that line in the HOSTS file, and run all your security checks immediately.

Do not open unwanted email or unexpected accessories, prevent phishing scams as well as public computer systems, try not to download and install anything from the web, change your passwords every number of months, back up important documents, do not ignore cautions and also notifies from your security programs as well as make use of Guest and also Limited represent various other users on your computer. Looking for more helpful checklist? Visit the link to find out.

Ultimately, keep alert as well as use sound judgment on the Web. Even the best security programs will certainly not shield you unless you (and your kids!) assume prior to you click!