The community manager’s newspaper now displays its 4th version after less than 2 years of existence. Our wish is to achieve a better flexibility of use.

The AMEC Publishing House will grow further towards a larger project, with many services for community managers.

New sections will appear, such as CM interviews, tools for community managers and web marketers, video selections, social media food and many other upcoming news.

The AMEC Publishing House will also produce a new blog entirely dedicated to social media food.

September 20, 2013 is the day when the blog of AMEC Publishing House was put online, without any particular ambitions and more to complete a project dating back several years, whereas I had created a group dedicated to CM on Viadeo in 2011.

It was after meeting Brian Romney, a talented developer, that I started the blog, because I wanted it in a way with a sleek design that didn’t look like the classic themes. He was able to perfectly understand my wish and the blog was born.

Beforehand I had gathered some editors whom I will always thank for their availability and the content they brought to the Journal du CM. Without them, the blog would have no meaning or diversity of content, which is a definite asset for the readership.

Around the blog we logically set up a Facebook group attached to the blog and a fan page.

It was only after a few months that I decided to create other specialized groups to share tickets and decentralize the original community, but also a group dedicated to wordpress and the professional networks Linkedin and Viadeo.

The last 2 are dedicated to photography and meetup: CMDays

The major disadvantage when developing a theme is its updating, which is never easy to undertake and anticipate. The blog evolved several times in just a few months, and it had become important to make a big update given the technos and kernel that have moved to higher versions.

So it is logically the v3 that is online today. On September 20, 2014, the blog of the Journal du CM will be online for one year.

A blog that explores social media news. The articles deal with the role of community manager, community management, marketing, webmarketing, referencing and wordpress. We discuss social media strategies, including the inbound marketing approach that is becoming more and more widespread among digital agencies.

The AMEC Publishing House has the particularity of highlighting its editors by offering them a dedicated space. Through their profile sheet, we have access to all their networks, their expertise, their skills and the possibility of contacting them directly to offer them assignments.

The community manager has an increasingly important role within companies. In addition to his role as a community manager, he aims to bring together brand and consumer in a close exchange and relationship.

The search for commitment is the leitmotiv of the community manager, and his creativity is a considerable asset to build loyalty and attract new fans.

Social networks are a vast territory of expression for disseminating and sharing the social media information it processes, but it will probably have to rely on the real field, face-to-face.

The community manager in the field will be a new orientation of the profession, where he will be able to use his offline talents in contact with his community. These are all these topics, and many others, that we will address in the blog.