Awaken The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship

Awaken The Spirit Of Entrepreneurship

Maintaining the economic and innovative power of the region and safeguarding the Lippe location works by strengthening entrepreneurship and awakening the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Close links between science and industry help to provide a basis for Lippe’s sustainable development. This symbiosis will be expanded with the upcoming endowed professorship “Entrepreneurship”.

Professorship Entrepreneurship

The professorship has the goal and the order to promote interdisciplinary as well as in line with standard usage the start-up scene and the Gründertum in Lippe. The professorship “Entrepreneurship” is to teach students different abilities for the successful step into the independence and to contribute in such a way to the fact that the Lippe founder scene develops well in the positive macroeconomic situation.

The professorship is designed to teach the whole range of self-employment (foundation, takeover, succession) and to strengthen interest in it. The new professorship is located at the Institute for Scientific Dialogue and is thus addressed to all courses of study.

The professorship is financed for the next five years by a network of the IHK Lippe zu Detmold, the Sparkasse Lemgo, the Stiftung Standortsicherung Kreis Lippe and POS-TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co. KG.

Endowed Professorship

IHK President Volker Steinbach sees the opportunity to “prepare the entrepreneurs of the future for everyday economic life in a practical and not unrealistic way”. “The endowed professorship”, Steinbach added, “has a clear mandate not only to awaken the spirit of entrepreneurship, but also to equip students with the right tools for entrepreneurial reality”.

Bernd Dabrock, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Sparkasse Lemgo, further explains that the success of the regional Lippe economy is based on innovative strength and new ideas. The Sparkasse Lemgo is therefore very happy to support this innovative strength directly in and for Lippe through the start-up scene with the upcoming endowed professorship. “In this way, the existing start-up potential will be mobilized locally – and hopefully it will also be preserved for the economy as a whole in Lippe,” Dabrock said happily and hopefully during the signing of the contract.

District Administrator Dr. Axel Lehmann, Chairman of the Lippe District Foundation Board, is also delighted with the opportunities offered by the local university landscape and sees advantages for the region: “The courageous step into self-employment creates a lot of responsibility, which often discourages students from setting up their own businesses. However, the endowed professorship teaches the necessary know-how,” Lehmann continues, “to be successful with a foundation in Lippe. Therefore, the upcoming professorship is a great benefit for Lippe’s positive development.

Promoting and developing ideas

Oliver Voßhenrich, Managing Director of POS-TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co. KG and himself an advocate of innovation and progress, sees the professorship as an opportunity to promote self-employment. The endowed professorship fulfils the purpose of “promoting and developing the ideas and fun of entrepreneurship”. In addition, he hopes for profitable cooperation between the new start-ups and the companies already based there.

The president of the university OWL, professor Dr. J?rgen Krahl, is very pleased about the developing chances at the university OWL and sees the opportunity for the students and students as favorable as for a long time no more, in order to realize the own ideas. “The endowed professorship,” continued Krahl, “is exactly where it comes in, because it supports the “brave” and awakens innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Through the interdisciplinary contents and topics, the endowed professorship creates a symbiosis of science and business that specifically promotes entrepreneurial activity and contributes to overall economic success.

The process and contractual arrangements are handled by the Donors’ Association for the Promotion of Sciences and Humanities in Germany. The nationwide call for applications for the professorship and the appointment procedure has been launched by the OWL University of Applied Sciences. The founders hope to fill the professorship at the beginning of the 2018/2019 winter semester.

Test yourself and your dream of independence!

Each of the following three situations influences your desire to become self-employed differently. And none of the types described is a guarantee that you will not go broke and has specific risks and benefits.

The thoroughbred entrepreneur

You just have it in your blood. Maybe you are familiarly “preburdened”. Or an adventurer. Really powerful, but also hot and dangerous, because you are not risk averse.

The product- or service-oriented entrepreneur

It is simply a matter of the thing for you, and it needs the right conditions.

Independence born out of necessity

You don’t find a job and don’t know what you want. Certainly not the best prerequisite for starting your own business. However, the situation does not mean that you cannot still ignite the fire for a start-up idea. Perhaps you will find a compromise between a part-time job and a part-time self-employment.


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